Supporting Vibes at 420 Celebration Hyde Park, London, UK (2016)


It was April 2016 and this year 420 was set to blaze up on Wednesday at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, a public space where freedom of speech is welcomed, and cannabis too, at least once a year.


London weather is always unpredictable but today, our wish of celebrating 420 with clear blue skies finally came true. I woke up and saw the weather forecast and thought to myself “today is going to be amazing.”

Since it was a beautiful day, we headed out at midday with pre-rolled joints, along with homemade guacamole and a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.


As predicted, Marble Arch Station was packed with cops and police dogs as usual. The cops were doing their job with random searches, it would just be your luck if you were called over to get frisked.

My tip is to get high after you passed the gates and cops, don’t come looking stoned.



We knew we arrived, as the smell of burning love welcomed us.

It was a perfect afternoon and Hyde Park was packed with the best turn out for the past three years. The park was filled with summer vibes – people having picnics with wine, beer, snacks and lots of weed.



It was a bangin’ British summer day. You really missed out if you didn’t go to a beer garden or the park.

You’d expect to see ‘stoner’ type of people here but to our surprise, there was a great mixture of a crowd – young thugs, and young birds, people wearing suits and tie, jumpers, track pants, and tank tops.

It was a gathering of people who supported cannabis, people that you wouldn’t expect to ‘look like a stoner’. We were all here together to enjoy the weather and stand for a cause that we all cared about.


Londoners and visitors from all over came to celebrate this special day, it was also about making a voice and putting a stand on decriminalizing weed and pushing forward in legalizing it too.

It was a peaceful gathering, as the air was filled with the smell of weed and speakers blaring out music and statements about the use of cannabis.


People were puffing and passing, young lovers kissing. A group of friends came on BMX bikes and sat right next to a group of folks chilling with their grandma. They started rolling and soon enough, everyone was smoking.


When the clock hit 4:20 (16:20), the park was packed with a large cloud of smoke all through the afternoon.


At six-sharp, the cops started to close in on us and guided us out of the park. Or else it could turn into a never-ending party all through the evening.

It was the saddest part of the day, not that the party ended but what we left behind when it did. The amount of trash was massive, even more than last year.

This has and always been a problem with the 420 gatherings, as the crowd gets bigger every year, it has been harder to create a conscious to clean up after yourself.


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