#5 Street Strain: Blue Dream

October 2020

This could possibly be one of the first street strains I received directly from a grower. The aroma hits you right away with strong tropical mango, peppery spices, and an earthy finish. The buds are perfectly dried, easy to break apart with just your hands. While grinding and rolling, it feels like you are slicing up a juicy piece of papaya.

Aroma rating 3/5

  • Citrus
  • Mango
  • Juicy papaya
  • Peppery spices

Bud characteristics

  • Exceptionally sticky on the touch
  • Still with sugar leaves (amateur trimming)
  • Light dull green leaves with long brown hairs
  • Covered with light trichomes
  • Round puffy leaves

Flavor & Taste (Joint)

  • Harsh smoke
  • Very little taste profile
  • Throat itch
  • Very good burn with black ash

Potency rating 4/5

  • Instant high from a couple of puffs
  • Heavy eye-lids
  • Great clear head high
  • No munchies

This freshly cured Blue Dream, a sativa dominant hybrid, seemed very promising from the touch, look, and smell. But as I started puffing there was nothing but harsh taste from the pure joint. Even I was disappointed by the smoke but the high was great.

The sativa hits you right away as your eyelids get heavier along with a clear head high, great focus, and a full body relaxation vibe. Long conversations, reading or writing were carried on easily. Not much on the munchies or craves for coffee.

The energy spike you get from the high feels a bit like a caffeine intoxication already.

The potency makes it worth it to smoke, but I would suggest it through a bong or a one-hitter pipe to avoid the harshness.

Overall rating 3/5

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