London’s First Canna-Infused Canapé Session


The holiday season is here where everyone is merry and happy, the festive vibe is in the air and also in the cannabis community, where I was fortunate to join the first Canna-infused Canapé Christmas session held by the good people of London Cannabis Club with chef Kitchenburns.

It was a wet and cold Sunday afternoon, typical London, as I huddle through rain heading to a private (cannabis) party. The closer I got, the more excited I felt, all ready to get medicated and meet fellow stoners alike. It’s my first time partaking in a canna-infused canapé session, ooh la la sounds very fancy indeed, but I had no idea what to expect.

I was waiting anxiously alongside other guests who had just arrived. Not long after, we were welcomed by one of the crew members. As we entered, it was beyond expectations, a spacious loft with brick wall panels, cozy lights, and modern interior decoration, all combine into #positivevibes from the get-go.

View from the mezzanine floor

There’s a big lounge area with long benches facing each other on the ground floor and a comfier version above on the mezzanine floor. Further to the back, there’s also a table-seating area. The bar area had a wooden countertop with people chatting and rolling up while observing the afternoon snack layout.


As soon as we started sparking up a couple of joints and a couple of conversations, the snacks came rolling out.


This cannabis-infused party is hosted by the legendary Kitchenburns, I was able to have a quick chat with him while he decorates the canapés and shifting trays of delicate snacks around the bar. Mr. Burns tells me his experience in working in the food business, “its what I do, and what I’ve been doing all my life”.

Vanilla ‘Canna’ panna cotta (@bobadopalis)

With years of experiences behind him, Mr. Burns has moved onto working in a more ‘niche’ type of catering by infusing cannabis into food, and he has been working for private parties for the past 8 years. “Its gotten way bigger than I thought and it just kept getting bigger.”, said Mr. Burns, referring to the potential of growth with the cannabis-infused food and edible movement in the UK.

Midway through the afternoon while the cooks kept cooking and the stoners kept puffing, the wide open space within the loft provided amazing ventilation. We all felt warm and comfortable too.

‘Exodus’ goat cheese & red onion tart, honey roast fig (@bobadopalis)

As I grabbed my second ‘Exodus’ goats cheese & red onion tart with honey roast fig, (which I would say was the highlight), a perfect pastry pie crust with a surprise tart-filling inside, you can taste the unique scent and flavor of cannabis that combined with the cheese, it was scrumptious!

Halfway through I can feel the edibles kicking in and my whole body felt numb and relaxed. I asked Mr. Burn on how the measurement goes into each and every bite of his edibles, “I’ve worked out the session seeing that a person would have at least 20 pieces each, more than that you might get ****ed”, in other words, overly medicated.

Kitchenburns – Cannabis-infused chef

“I’m in the business for the parties,” Mr. Burns said with a cheeky smile, giving off chilled and laid back vibes while wearing a t-shirt bearing the face of the late Franco Loja of Green House seeds and Strain Hunter series. “I do more private parties now, all around Europe and some in America as well”, he said as he pops another batch of canapés in the oven. “I have a lot of regulars in Spain, especially during Spannabis, and everywhere in the UK too”.

We ended the canapé session with Kitchenburns signature Tripple Cherry “Truffle” ‘Spacerocks’ at the bar. With Mr. Burns busy schedule of catering he has bookings all the way into 2018, I wished him good luck and thanked him for the wonderful meal.

Even though Kitchenburns and the management team was reluctant to answer some question (due to the risk of exposing and jeopardizing people in the industry), we still had a good stoned-time. The positivity of the people in the community is the power in pushing forward for rights of personal use, and niche businesses are making a substantial growth in London and all around the UK.

As we ate and smoked, swapping strain names like White Rhino, Stardawg, Amnesia Haze, and Sour OG, passing joints, and dabbers, and share our own stories about cannabis. Social events and cannabis clubs like this provide a safe space for users to come together, listen to some music and enjoy each others company.

Walking home with fellow stoners, we were now a part of a secret society and have gone through a portal and back into the real world. My body was full and my mind was drifting into contemplating life’s meaning while asking myself ‘does the lady sitting across me on the train know that I am stoned as f***?’

Alex Haze

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