#4 Street Strains


April 18, 2018 – Quito, Ecuador

Aroma rating 1/5

  • Dry grass
  • Earthy
  • Pine cones

Bud characteristics

  • Very tight and dense
  • Light nugs
  • Very dry
  • Long sugar leaves with soft bones
  • Dry trichomes
  • Not sticky at all

The nugs are very dense and tight, breaking them down with hands are easy as they are not sticky.



Flavor & Taste (Joint)

  • No particular taste other than dry grass.

Potency rating 3/5

  • Clear head high
  • Light munchies
  • Very uplifting
  • No body-effect

It is said to be a Sativa strain grown in Ecuador. From the look and touch, it hasn’t been kept properly that’s why it has low terp profile and very dry. Or it could have been an old batch that has been kept for a while, but the effects are still satisfying.

It could be mass-grown as the nugs are very tight and dense, but the nugs do come separate and still in good flower form with no seeds.  It hasn’t been trimmed properly with very long sugar leaves, it also could mean that it was harvested before its time.

The high was very clear and uplifting, great for mornings and daytime use. It’s great for socializing and working. It doesn’t give too much effect on the munchies but you do enjoy some food after a couple of hours of smoking.


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