420 Celebration in London (2015)

Joints rolled and blunts made, bowls packed and life is good once again. It was London’s 420 celebration of 2015 where we were fortunate with a much more pleasant weather than last year (2014). More flyers were handed out, and NORML was one of the biggest supporters of the day.


There was overwhelming energy from the people attending the event. NORML manage to set up the center stage and gave several speeches that always end with a cheer.

The crowd started from midday and got bigger later in the afternoon. Munchies and snacks were brought in, along with bongs and rolling papers. It was a chilly afternoon with no chance of any sunshine. We kept close and we kept warm.


There was love, new friendships made, and all that joined marked a page in history together.


Several people were caught by the police within the protest ground, which we thought was safe, with possession of cannabis. The cops were doing random searches with people sitting on the outer circle of the mass, we saw what was going on and moved inside, right where it was packed and no cops could possibly catch us.

Even though it was 420, the celebration of cannabis, one should be mindful of the current regulations of each country or state. It was still illegal in the UK, the substance is considered class B along with amphetamines and ketamine. In which could mean 5 years in prison for possession.




Managed to get some amazing Lemon Haze nugs to celebrate the day with a blunt. It is still a surreal feeling as people rolling joints around me and it was as if we are here for the love of the plant. There were smiles all over the place.



The turnout was great compared to 2014 where the rain (almost) ruined the day. It was finally 4:20 and we all stood up and smoke away another year of support for the legalization of cannabis.

Leaving the park, it was a sad sight to see all the rubbish left behind from a positive cause we are all supporting.


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