WEED WEEK – A New Chapter in Entertainment Television


As I was walking through the neighboorhood of Walthamstow, in east London, an unfamiliar image is set upon the billboard that normally shows chicken nuggets or McDonald’s latest burger madness.

It was a joint. A proper-rolled joint on a billboard.

This was insane and it took me some time to realize that we are actually stepping into a new chapter of television entertainment. As more state and countries around the world are opening up to cannabis, VICE steps forward ahead with their strong ideas and perspective, introducing two series: Weediquette and Bong Appetit.

With legal cannabis being available in several states, the channel is capitalizing on interesting stories and features that are more relatable for viewers, smokers and non-smokers. Covering topics on PTSD, driving under the influence, pregnancy usage, legal issues and a whole cooking show dedicated to cannabis-infused cuisine.




It can’t be denied that television was once a platform for Reefer Madness (1936), an anti-marijuana propaganda that was the government’s attempt to show the dangers of marijuana for young teenagers. It kinda worked, for a while.


The power of media and television was very one-sided before internet technology and sharing was possible. The amount of misinformation slowly was pushed aside, and hidden books and facts came pouring out.

We are slowly welcoming cannabis back into its true glory with shows and Youtube Channels, in ade to educate and show the more positive use of cannabis, and maybe get some tips on cooking too.

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